It’s your turn to take center stage and deliver the welcome speech for your best friend on their wedding day. The pressure is mounting, but there are so many creative ways you can go about it!

First, you could do a video where you tell the story of how they met, what they were like before they started dating (and why!), or why this marriage will be unique. Then again, if that seems too daunting given all the time constraints, maybe just an anecdote would suffice? Maybe one about how she helped you get over your ex-boyfriend after he broke up with you in high school? Or when she was always there for you even though her own life wasn’t perfect either? Perhaps something more lighthearted.

I am here to share a few ideas that will help you deliver a professional wedding welcome speech. I have been a wedding planner for over ten years and have seen many different speeches given by guests. There are so many creative ways to introduce yourself before getting into the meat of the speech. If you plan on delivering your speech from an outline or script, make sure it’s short and sweet! You want everyone to be able to hear what you’re saying without feeling like they need earplugs!  The most important thing about giving this welcoming address at a wedding must be heartfelt – no matter how formal or informal it may be.

Write an unforgettable wedding welcome speech

Do you know what to say when you walk up and give a wedding welcome speech? You want to make sure that not only are your words well-chosen but also that they’re interesting. Here are some creative ways to deliver an engaging wedding welcome speech:

  1. “I’m so honored that I was chosen as the person who welcomes you into this marriage.”
  2. “You’ve made a decision, and now it’s time for me to do my job, which is welcoming all of you here today.”
  3. “It is my honor and privilege to greet each one of you on behalf of the bride and groom.”
  4. “Welcome! It’s so nice having everyone here!”
  5. Write it down – It’s hard to speak eloquently off the cuff when you’re nervous. Find an opportunity to write out what you want to say beforehand and practice reading it aloud until you can do so smoothly.
  6. Share something personal about yourself – This will help put guests at ease by making them feel like they know something about your relationship before they even meet you in person.
  7. Give thanks – Acknowledge those who helped make your day unforgettable.

heartfelt welcome speech

The art of a perfect wedding welcome speech

For many couples, giving a wedding speech is one of the most daunting tasks of the day. However, if your partner is not comfortable with public speaking or if you are looking for some creative ideas to say, here are ways to deliver a memorable and heartfelt welcome speech.

A wedding is a special day that should be celebrated. The bride and groom meet the families for the first time, which can sometimes lead to awkward moments.

A few of my favorite tips include: use personal stories about the bride/groom’s childhood; mention their passions; make them laugh (a lot) by telling jokes (e.g., what does an oxygen molecule do? It makes things more interesting); talk about their future together; ask guests to share memories of the couple; end on a high note with words of wisdom like “you’re off to great places.”